Zedm ros calibration

hi,I had calibrated the zedm underwater and got new parameters,then how to modify the topic “cameraInfo” of the zedm in zed-ros-wrapper

Hi @wenbo
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The camera_info topic is automatically generated by the ZED ROS Wrapper by retrieving the factory calibration parameters of each camera.

Why do you need to modify it?

The calibration parameter in air is very different from the calibration parameter underwater, so the camera needs to change this parameter to adapt to underwater

Hi @wenbo,

We have written a guide to calibrate your camera with opencv, you can find it here: How to Calibrate your ZED camera with OpenCV.

You can then pass the path to the camera’s calibration file with InitiParameters::optional_opencv_calibration_file. This option is currently not supported in the zed-ros-wrapper, so you can test it out in an other C++ application.

I will open a feature request internally so this can be accessible. If you are familiar with ros code, feel free to implement the support and make a PR in the public Github repository.

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hi,Is your problem solved? I found the same problem as yours,i don’t know how to change the old parameters, I also want to use it in underwater environment