ZEDfu (ZED SDK 3.4.0) error with Jetson Xavier & Nano Jetpack 4.5


I am using a ZED 2 with a Jetson Xavier and a Nano (Jetpack 4.5). And I encounter an error with ZEDfu.
When I click on Live, ZEDfu (ZED SDK 3.4.0) close with this message:
Segmentation fault (core dumped)”
Can you help me on this subject ?


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Which SDK , You are using ? , Please run the ZED diagnostic tool and paste your result there, may be there is incompatibility between your CUDA Version and ZED Setup !!

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Hi Ishan,

I am using ZED_SDK_Tegra_JP45_v3.4.0.


ZED_Diagnostic_Results.json (7.1 KB)

Same problem with me. My Xavier Nx have same error. Everything won’t work correctly, my win10 pc have another error, it says some library files are missing even I already restarted my pc.
Xavier : (jetpack 4.4)
WIn10 pc : (Cuda 11.1 | Rtx 2070s with lighting 3 graphic card box)

On Windows, What are the missing library files indicated in the popup error ?

Thanks for reply :grinning:
Will, it’s hard to say…You can see my screenshots.
Nothing but a blank. You can see a small gap between these Chinese characters.
Here is translate. This may can help: Unable to locate the program input point in the dynamic link library.
(sorry for my poor English :sweat_smile:)

Here are some new message on my jetson. Maybe this can help. Zedfu app just won’t run correctly.

I changed my computer to solve this strange problem on Windows, maybe external graphic card is not great idea to use this device.

Hi All,

Did anyone have any luck resolving this segmentation fault issue?

I have the same problem when running ZEDfu. It seems to depend on which options I use, with the more demanding settings causing the error. Using the default settings ZEDfu will run, however switching to fused point cloud instead of mesh always causes this crash.

/usr/local/zed/tools$ ./ZEDfu
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

I’m using Jetpack 4.5.0, ZED SDK 3.4.2. The ZED Diagnostic tool passes all tests.

Stereolabs, any thoughts?



This issue has been followed up on this github thread :

The issue will be fixed in upcoming ZED SDK 3.5

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Thank you obraun-sl!