ZEDfu: Invalid mesh file. Imported mesh has not been created with ZEDfu or is corrupted

All version’s SDK errors. Windows 11. No save mesh file.

Hi @i-saw
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Please provide more information regarding the task that you are coming to perform and all the steps you did so we can try to replicate and fix the problem.

The task is to create a 3d model of the room. I installed ZED SDK , AI models. This error occurs while saving the scan. In my documents, a folder is created in the ZED folder, but there is no file. I have enabled all write and edit permissions. But it was not possible to fix this error.

Can you please record a video while performing the grabbing with ZEDfu and share it?
I just tested it and it works as expected, so it’s something related to your settings.
What SDK version are you using?

I have tried the latest 3 versions of the SDK. Currently 3.8.2. ZEDfu error - YouTube