ZedBox reboots when running Multi-Camera-Body-Tracking example with Fusion API

Hello all

We’ve recently purchased the Robotics Perception Kit ( ZedBox + Zed X Camera ) + an additional Zed X Camera.

For our use case we need the multi-camera body tracking as provided in this example code: github-example

So i tried using 2 Zed X cameras to recreate this example:
I’ve used the ZED360 to create a JSON configuration file and tried running this example in python. Unfortunately running this example results in a reboot of the ZedBox. I’ve looked somewhat closer into what actually caused the reboot and landed on line 166 ( zed.retrieve_bodies(bodies) ) of the fused_cameras.py.

I do get a few successful iterations through the loop but at some point the ZedBox reboots. I am not really sure what causes this problem since all other tutorials and examples worked perfectly fine. Also the Depth Mode Analyzer and the ZED360 was working fine with the 2 Camera setup.

My guess is that this might be a power or temperature problem? I can’t really think of anything else. I monitored the temperatures via the Jetson Power GUI when running my program and i didn’t seem to exceed 60 C, so i think this should be okay? My PoE Switch can provide up to 30W so this should also be okay?

My setup looks like this:

  • ZedBox is powered via PoE-Switch and is running on Power Mode ( 25W )
  • 2 ZedX Cameras are directly connected to the ZedBox via the 4in1 - GMSL2 cable
  • i run the code samples directly on the ZedBox ( via Terminal or PyCharm venv )

Any help would be really appreciated
Thanks a lot

Hi @prot_on
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PoE does not support 25W Power mode, please switch to 20W mode.

Hi @Myzhar
Thanks for your reply.

I only have the options to switch between 0:MAXN, 1: 10W, 2: 15W and 3:25W. ( via the nvidia gui in the top right corner when running ubuntu on the zedbox ).

I have tried the 15W mode before, but this resulted in the same issue.

What is the temperature of the ZED Box?
Can you monitor it by using for example Jetson Stats?

Hey @Myzhar

Thanks for the reply.

I used Jetson Stats and the pre-installed Jetson Power GUI to monitor the templeratures of the ZedBox.

When i started working today i directly ran the above mentioned example with a “cold” ZedBox and monitored the templeratures using your mentioned Jetson Stats and the pre-installed Jetson Power GUI.

The reboot did still happen and when it happened the temperatures were all below 50 C. ( 43 - 46 C approximately ). And if i remember correctly the documentation states, that a single ZedBox can handle 2 Stereo-Cameras. So temperature shouldn’t be an issue?

Could it be that the power supply via PoE+ is not viable when using 2 stereo cameras on a single ZedBox?

Thanks for your help.

Hi @prot_on
Can you check if powering the ZED Box with the power supplier produces the same problem?

Normally PoE+ should work correctly in 15W mode, even if this is not a recommended mode for the type of processing you want to perform because of the limited computing power available.

Hi @Myzhar

When connecting the power supplier the multi camera example works fine and the reboots are gone.

Thanks for the help

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