ZedBox PoE Issue

Hi all,

I have a setup with 4 ZedBox Xavier 8GB units. Previously, I had all 4 units running successfully on PoE+ from a Ubiquiti Professional 48 PoE switch.

At some point, two of the units stopped accepting PoE+ power, and will no longer power up when connected via CAT6. When plugged in, the switch shows a power draw of 2W (the working units draw >7W) but the power lights on the units do not light up and they do not boot up. The units will power on as normal with the power adapter, and the ethernet port functions as normal in terms of data.

I have confirmed switch PoE settings and power budget, swapped cables and ports with no effect. I have looked around the interface but have found no info on PoE from within the operating system.

Is there any GUI or CLI method for checking PoE status? Is there any way to diagnose this as a hardware or software issue? (thanks in advance!)


What poer mode are you using ? PoE+ theorityvally supports 20W and even more, but pratically it’s less than that because of USB devices, internal consumption, etc. Using a 15W mode is safer.

To change the power mode, run sudo /usr/sbin/nvpmodel -m <index>, the index being chosen from this page.

Switching it to the lowest 10W mode has no effect.

It seems surprising because we’ve never encounter such issues, but I don’t see any other lead than a hardware issue. Can you contact us at support@stereolabs.com to discuss a RMA ?