ZED360 Command Line options?

I would like to incorporate the ZED360 calibration process seamlessly into my software package so that the end user doesn’t need to run the program separately and figure out the various settings. I plan to ship my software platform pre-installed including hardware and want to have everything ready to run except for the ‘start calibration’ stage. I’m using Python and was planning on launching zed360 as a subprocess with a button click.
What I would like to do is hide the ‘setup your room’ button and have all those settings made for them in advance, then all they need to do is ‘start calibration’ without needing to select options they won’t understand anyway (and potentially make a mistake). So is there a way to disable to room setup option and pass values for 'Local USB workflow" etc in through a config file or command line options?


Thanks for reaching out to us.

This feature is not available in ZED360 for the moment, you have to go through all the steps manually using the interface.

That’s not exactly what you are asking for but we do plan to add the calibration process to the ZED SDK API. That will allow you to create your app or integrate it into another app.
I do not have an ETA to give you for now but it is in our roadmap.

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