ZED2i with Jetson Nano - what went wrong with my mesh?

I’ve been trying to get proper spatial mapping with ZED2i with Jetson Nano, and for some reason I get distorted textures, holes etc. I’m mapping indoor. I’m uploading several print screens to show.

I’m using ZEDfu with MEDIUM filtering, NEAR distance, MEDIUM resolution and set the Jetson Nano to MAX power:

No matter what I’m doing, I can’t seem to get the same high quality mesh you’re showing in your Spatial Mapping documentation.

Hi @Erikl
this picture that you attached seems a nice result for the Jetson Nano which is the less powerful Nvidia embedded board.
If you want to achieve better results and you do not need real-time processing, I suggest you instead record an SVO file by using ZED Explorer and then you post-process it with ZEDfu on the ZED Nano or on a most powerful host PC.