Zed2i USB issues with Orin Nano

Hello. I am trying to use Zed2i with Orin Nano 4Gb. The problem is that it doesn’t work with original USB cable (yes, i tried to flip it). The ROS wrapper says “Camera not detected”. Dmesg output is on the screenshot:

Meanwhile it works with a random type-c cable, but only in VGA resolution, tried both Type-C and regular ports on my Orin Nano.

How can i run the camera (i need pointcloud and odometry/localization) in higher resolution? Maybe i have to check some jetson configurations? Jetpack version is 5.1.1 with cuda 11.4. ZED SDK is 4.0


Flipping the cable is only something important with ZED Mini, ZED2i will be fine either way.

  • What if you run ZED Diagnostics with both the original cable and your generic one ?
  • Did you try with another computer ?
  • Finally, did you screw the original cable properly ?