Zed2i underwater calibration by using ROS camera_calibration package

I’m using ZED 2i camera underwater for 3D reconstruction, but I had some questions with using ros camera_calibration package.
I want to obtain the rectified underwater stereo images ,but the old calibration parameters didn’t work,so I use ros camera_calibration package to recalibrate in underwater environment. Then , i found that the parameters underwater and parameters in the air are quite different . I want to apply the new parameters to get rectified underwater stereo images from the topic “~/stereo/image_rect_color” published by ZED node. Can somebody tell me how to do that?

Hi @lyehan
please follow this guide

thanks,but i want to integrate zed2i with RVIZ. Actually, I want to use the parameters calibrated underwater to obtain the rectified stereo image directly from ros or zed sdk. How should zed sdk read this YAML file calibrated by OpenCV . in addition , i found the configure file in /usr/local/zed/tools/settings/, do I need to use the calibration results to change the parameters here?

The ZED SDK can open the OpenCV calibration file natively: optional_opencv_calibration_file

After ZED SDK reads this OpenCV calibration file, I can use zed.retrieveImage(image, VIEW::LEFT); or start the ZED node to publish the rectified image, right?

Yes, that’s correct.

The feature is natively available with the ROS 2 Wrapper:

You can add it to the ROS 1 Wrapper by manually modifying the source code.

thank you! I will try