Zed2i sensor data timestamp oddity

I’m crossposting this from Zed2i sensor data (imu, mag, etc) latency? · Issue #206 · stereolabs/zed-ros2-wrapper · GitHub, because I now think this isn’t a problem with the zed-ros2-wrapper, but with the underlying stereolabs library.

In short: about ~20 seconds after startup, the timestamps reported by zed sensor data given by mZed.getSensorsData(sens_data, sl::TIME_REFERENCE::CURRENT) often but not always jump from ~0.01s in the past (which is good), to crazy but consistent values anywhere in between ±1.4s (negative meaning that it’s claiming to be from the future!!). All the timestamps (baro, mag, imu) are affected.

Details in the github issue.

Hi @thandal,

Thanks for the detailed report, I asked the team to take a look, I’ll be back to you with any findings (here or on Github).
Sorry we missed the issue, we’re working on how to track them more efficiently.