ZED2i output resolution is different from what is stated on the website

I am currently using a ZED2i camera. According to the specifications, the output resolution for the 2.2K mode should be 4416x1242. However, in my setup, despite configuring the zed_wrapper options as follows:

pub_resolution: ‘NATIVE’
grab_resolution: ‘HD2K’

When I generate a PNG image and check its output resolution, I find that the resolution is only 2208x1242, which is exactly half of the expected width. Why am I not getting the full resolution of 4416x1242 as specified for the 2.2K mode? Could there be a setting or a configuration issue causing this discrepancy in the resolution?

Hi @sdk17586
the 4416x1242 resolution is the raw side-by-side stereo stream that is 2x2208x1242, because the single left and right images are indeed sized 2208x1242 pixels.