Zed2i Orientation Drift in Y

On 4 different Zed2i cameras the Y orientation drifts even when the camera is completely stationary. This has occurred with multiple different tripods and other mounting solutions across multiple locations. This makes the data mostly unusable.

I’ve attached a plot showing data recorded over a 1 minute period. I’ve also attached a csv with a subset of the data (full csv was too big to upload). There were big impacts nearby during this recording, but the same effect is observed at a stationary desk in an office. This was recorded with the ZED sensor viewer on the latest SDK

sensor_data.csv (1.4 MB)

Hi @robots
Try to recalibrate your cameras by placing them on the floor (a stable not vibrating surface is required) and running the ZED Calibration tool from the command line with the option --calib_imu