Zed2i left and right compressed images


I have one ZED 2i camera in my possession. I use the HD setting and I get 1920 * 1080 rectified images with 30 frame rates.

I use ROS1 to use the camera during driving. However, the images are so big that I have a problem storing them.

I want to use compressed rectified images. However, their frame rate is around 17 Hz instead of 30.

Is it correct? How can I have rectified compressed topics with a higher frame rate?

Hi @farhad-bat
What is the configuration of the PC that you are using.
ROS image compression takes a lot of resources and if the PC is not powerful enough a frame rate drop is expected

Hello @Myzhar ,

16 GB of RAM
Intel Corei7
Ubuntu 20

How can I increase the frame rate of left and right compressed frames?
If I disable some features of ZED 2i such as object detection, and etc, can I increase the HZ of compressed topic? If yes, which feature of ZED 2i should be disabled?


Hi @farhad-bat
this is not easy to be stated. You should experiment with it with your configuration.
I suggest you begin with the grab resolution and the publishing resolution.