ZED2i image always flicker between blur and clarity

Hi there,

I am using the ZED2i camera in ROS2 Foxy on a Jetson AGX Xavier.

I found that the subscribed image would always flicker between blur and clarity, as shown below
And I also get the same result using ZED tools:ZED_Explorer.
I tried different resolutions and image parameters but got the same result.

(by ROS2 on AGX)

(by ZED_Explorer on AGX)

The strange thing is that when I use ZED tools:ZED_Explorer on a windows laptop, I don’t have this problem and everything looks normal.

(by ZED_Explorer on windows laptop)

Looking forward to your reply! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Ming
can you try to disable and then enable the automatic gain/exposure in ZED Explorer and do the same for the automatic white balance?
This should fix the problem, otherwise please write an email to support@stereolabs.com

Hi @Myzhar
I’ve tried this in previous tests, but unfortunately it didn’t work.
What I am confused about is that the same situation will not happen on a windows laptop under the same configuration.


Can you record a longer video? The problem is not so evident to try to understand the possible causes.
Are you using the same resolution and frame rates when testing this behavior?