Zed2i Hardware Specs suggested

hello everyone,

I am working on an interactive installation where the idea is to use Zed2i skeleton tracking to allow the user to interact with graphics generated in real time on a screen.

I would like to know your opinions about the necessary hardware to carry out the installation:
The plan is to use 2 Zed2i cameras to cover the required space and track people. My idea is to have a system/pc that collects the information from the cameras and sends it via network (osc, udp, tpc etc…) to a separate PC that will render the 3d scene in real time.

The question will be:

  • What are the recommended specs in terms of GPU if I want use 1PC with 2 cameras?
  • Can I use ZED Box for this? One ZED Box per Camera? or can I use 2 cameras with one ZED Box, is enough computing power?

Thank you !!

Hello Cristian,
Thank you for your email.

Your project sounds really interesting and we’d love to help you with the use of ZED’s for this interactive experience that you are creating.

We also have a streaming module in the SDK, where you can stream the data over the local network using the RTP protocol(https://www.stereolabs.com/docs/video/streaming/8)

To answer your questions,

  1. In order to run the SDK, there is a CUDA dependency and hence you require an NVIDIA GPU or a Jetson device like the ZED Box to run all the modules inside the SDK easily. There is no specifications as long as it is an NVIDIA GPU with at least >=8GB capacity with an 8GB ram.
  2. The ZED Box is a great option for edge processing as all processing and analysis are done on the edge of the box itself. Since the skeleton tracking module is computationally heavy, I recommend you connect only 1 camera to 1 ZED BOX to get the most optimal performance out of it!
    I hope this helps.

Thank you,

Stereolabs Support

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