ZED2i comparison with L515 for plants


After Intel announces the L515 EOL, we are looking for a replacement and we identified ZED 2i as an opportunity.

Our target is plants in greenhouse to measure fruits size, stem diameter and measure leaves.
Before L515, we tested D435 but the depth image was not sharp enough to find leaves.

Do you have depth image quality comparison between ZED2i and Intel L515 ?

We also have other requirements, is it possible to install 3 ZED 2i on one Jetson Nano. The purpose is to take 3 pictures in 3 different position. The system will take picture sequentially. The processing time is not important.



Hello Boris,

Thank you for writing to us.

We do have some customers working on a similar use case and ZED 2i is a perfect fit for your use case and are happy with the results. You can follow these links for the Comparison and the advantages of using ZED over other depth cameras (Eg: Intel Realsense)

Yes, you can connect 3 ZED 2i on one Jetson Nano only if you open one camera at a time, keeping the other two closed.
Kindly, make sure to use the camera serial number as an input parameter to open the correct camera. Thereby you can sequentially capture the pictures accordingly.

Do not hesitate to reach out for further questions.

Thank you very much,

Stereolabs Support

Great, thanks for your answer.
Good to know that it is better than D435.

Do you have more precise information for comparison with the Realsense L515 which is ToF camera ?