Zed2i Auto Bus Type Detection Errors


  • python 3.9
  • 2 zed2i cameras with official 5m extender and 3m right angle cables.
  • SDK 4.0 - 4.0.4

For many months our cameras were reliably detected and could be opened by our app. About 2-3 months ago things became less stable.

Initializing the cameras with the default/AUTO bus type results in connection errors ~15% of the time. In these situations, our app will not detect the cameras and we typically needed to physically re-seat one or both of the USB cables.

However calling

set_from_serial_number	(
    uint serial_number,
    BUS_TYPE bus_type = BUS_TYPE.AUTO 

with sl.BUS_TYPE.USB seems to have fixed all detection and opening errors. We have no GSML cameras in the setup

Posting this in case anyone else encounters a similar situation. It’d also be nice if AUTO was as stable as the explicit declaration.

Thank you a lot for this ! We’ll investigate.