ZED2i Accelerometer and Gyroscope Calibration


I am new to ZED and photogrammetry altogether, and I recently have been playing with the ZED Spatial Mapping Sample. I found that around every 5 seconds it looses its position information, then regains it but is in an incorrect orientation. In the sensor viewer I found that the ZED appears to be rotating on the Y and Z axes even when the camera is completely still on a level surface. Since this is my first post, I cannot attach a recording of this data, but the camera appears to be rotating at a consistent rate on the Y and Z axes, and is relatively stable on the X axis. I have used the ZED Calibration tool without any luck, and the meshes are coming out distorted when I attempt spatial mapping. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try?

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Hi @makennar
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Can you please run the ZED Sensor Viewer tool and check if there is a bias around the vertical axis when the camera is steady?

Please post a screenshot of the orientation after 30 seconds.

Hello! Thank you for the quick response. Attached is the screenshot. I also wanted to inform you that I already completed the calibration in this post , and it slowed but did not stop the rate of rotation when steady.

Hi @makennar
this is the screenshot of the accelerations. I need the Orientation tab, you can select it on the left.

Sorry for the misunderstanding! Here is the correct screenshot.

Thank you for the screenshot.
It shows clearly that the gyroscope calibration has not been performed correctly.
I suggest you place the camera on a stable surface (e.g. the floor) before calibrating it. Normally if you calibrate the camera on the desk the calibration is affected by the vibrations introduced by the fans of your PC :slight_smile:

I tried the calibration again with the ZED flat on the floor, and got the same result. I typed this command into the command prompt with it run as administrator: start “” “C:\Program Files (x86)\ZED SDK\tools\ZED Calibration.exe” --calib_imu . It showed the screen saying that it was resetting bias for the ZED 2i when I hit enter, then I went to the sensor viewer and nothing changed from the screenshot I sent earlier. Should I have restarted the computer or camera after this attempted calibration, or is there another issue?

When you open the camera after the calibration, try to leave it on the floor for a few minutes to recalibrate and compensate for temperature modifications.
If the problem persists please write an email to support@stereolabs.com

Hi there, we experience the same problem with ZED 2i. After the suggested recalibration the problem persists, the Y drift slows down but is still drifting. The sensor is on a concrete floor completely still. Anything else that we can do to solve this problem? Another strange thing is it showing a 9 m/s2 acceleration on the Y axis while on the floor still… Thanks

@lakke please write to support.