Zed2 vs Zed Mini


I have been using Zed Mini for a while now, thinking of getting a Zed 2 as well. Just wanted to know how is Zed 2 better than zed mini in terms of depth map. Does Zed2 create better spatial meshes than mini?, how is the pointcloud view in zed2 in compare to zed mini in both standard and fill modes?.


The ZED2 will give better results because :

  • For depth precision, it has a bigger interaxial distance --> better precision
  • For tracking, it has slightly bigger FoV and improved IMU , therefore the tracking should be more precise as well.
    Since the mapping is the combination of the depth and the tracking, it will be better in terms of precision.

ZED-M has been designed for AR/VR applications (where 6.3cm as interaxial is needed) where ZED2 has been designed for more generic applications (robotics, analytics, …)

Thanks for the info.