ZED2 unstable USB connection (tryed on 3 differrent PC and 1 Jetson)

Hello everyone, i’m having a strange problem with ZED2, after installing the latest ZED_SDK available for each of the platforms that i tested, connecting the ZED2 in the USB 3.0 ports, and running ZED_Explorer it connect and disconnect randomly, running ZED_Diagnostic, it tells me that the camera is used from more then one application, it is not possible, because was the first program i run after rebooting the systems.
While connecting it thought USB 2.0, ZED_Diagnostic tell me that the camera is connected only in USB 2.0, it does not give me the resource occupancy error, ZED_explorer run with lower bandwidth.
While zed2 ros2 wrapper does not work in any case.
Can you help me in some ways? tanks in advantage for your time!

Hi @franzhd
please write an email to support@stereolabs.com adding the report file generated by the ZED Diagnostic tool as an attachment.

Hello, today in our labs arrived one more zed2 and 2 zed mini, every one of them works fine everywhere but the old one has still the same problem, ii noticed that moving the usb cable where it starts affect the signal, changing from 3.0 to 2.0. can it be changed or repaired in some way?

Hi @franzhd
I asked to write to support@stereolabs.com just to finalize the check and eventually open an RMA if the camera is still covered by warranty.