ZED2 Unity Getting started with Body Tracking with SDK Ver 4.0.4

Hi, I am trying to create my own Body Tracking content in Unity. I am using Unity 2022.3 LTS.

I followed the documentation on Body Tracking to get started and have run into an issue where the Body Tracking module would spawn the Avatar with its arms and legs all pointing upwards, then it does not move nor animate. Like in the following image.

I enable the skeleton to troubleshoot but it looks correct. Like in the following image.

Would like some advice on this.

Hi @alwdd,

Is the Animation Smoothing value on the BodyTrackingWrapper set to 1? That would give this kind of things.
It should not be the default value, that’s an oversight, I’ll fix this for the next release (which will be out today or tomorrow). I’ll also clamp the value so that it won’t prevent the avatar from moving.


Oh it is. I tried changing that value but when the game starts, it always seems to go back to 1…

Do you change the value at runtime? Unity will revert those changes if you stop and play the scene again.

When you set this value to not 1, does it work as expected?

Hmm it does work as intended if the value isn’t 1. Thanks for the help.