ZED2 - Resolution bug after SDK 3.8 update

Hey everyone,

Since yesterday I have start updated all my jetson and PC to ZED SDK 3.8.

Since that, I cannot use my ZED2 anymore in a resolution higher than 720p 15fps.

When I try to stream from Jetson Nano I got a “CAMERA FAILED TO SETUP”.

When I use ZED explorer on PC and Jetson, I can only use 720p@15fps.

On Jetson and PC, I have try to launch the ZED diagnostic tool and I got :

  • CAMERA TEST : Specific resolution are not available.
  • USB : USB 2.0 connection detected (Jetson with only USB3.0 & connected supply MAXN) (and connected on USB3.0 on PC)

Any idea about this pls?


Hi @PrivHate
your problem is surely not related to the upgrade to SDK v3.8.

Please run the ZED_Diagnostic tool and send the report file that it generates to support@stereolabs.com to get direct tech support.

Coming back with good news, weird, but good.

I don’t know if last Jetpack release have change something on performance, supply or anything but :

I have always use a 5V 1.5A for my home test with ZED and jetson nano.

But after trying to check the usb stat with this command :

sudo lsusb -v

The result for USB port where ZED was connected return :

bcdUSB : 2.00

I have try with a regulated power supply like this one :

The result of lsusb was : bcdUSB : 3.00

And as you can see during stream with settings :

30 fps
Bitrate 11000

The jetson need at least 1.95A.

Now its all good.

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