Zed2 Ip streaming encryption

Hello @all,

We are going to install some zed2 cameras + Jetson Nanos in a customers insecure network and for security and data protection reasons we need to make sure no one can access the data in anyway. Therefore would it be possible to add an encryption method to the ip streaming configuration?

Best regards


Currently there is no encryption in the local streaming module. This might be a feature we could add in the future by sharing a encryption key between sender and receiver (both will need to provide the same key) and use AES encryption.

However, note that the local streaming is based on RTP protocol BUT it does not follow the RTSP standard… Therefore, it cannot be opened by something else that the ZED SDK for multiple reasons :

  • It does not follow the SETUP,DESCRIBE,START command of RTSP. It uses its own system.
  • It contains non-standard metadata in the RTP packet (used by the ZED SDK) and therefore the parsing is not standard.
  • the H264 compression use specific flags that cannot be read directly by a standard decoder.