Zed2 IMU default publishing rate


I’ve been tring to adjust the imu publishing rate in zed2 config file, but I didn’t find any. I only find max publishing rate of imu, and I see the note says the min publishing rate is defined by the min grad rate of sensor.

My question is that how do I adjust the imu publishing rate? And what is the defalut publishing rate of imu in zed2.

I’m really looking forward to your reply!
Thank you!

Hi @Janebek
the ZED 2 published IMU data at a fixed 400 Hz frequency.

I suppose you are working with ROS or ROS 2 according to what you say, hence you can reduce the publishing rate to a lower value by changing the frequency of the thread that acquires and publish the IMU information by simply changing the value of the parameter sensors.max_pub_rate (ROS 1) or sensors.sensors_pub_rate (ROS 2).