Zed2 FOV Question


I’m using the Zed2 camera for a robotics task, and I’m trying to set up the camera parameters in a simulator.

Zed2 says the FOV is 110deg (H) x 70deg (V).

I’m assuming this FOV is for the full stereo setup. The simulator requires me to describe the h-FOV and v-FOV of each mono camera, how would I calculate/retrieve that? I measured the two sensors to be 12cm apart.

Hi @sartk
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No, they are the values for the single camera sensors.

Hi, thanks for the response! If they are for the single camera sensors, I have a followup question.

Per the spec on the website, the output resolution of seems have aspect ratio 9/16 (=0.5625) for each lens (eg, 2x(1920x1080)).

But the hFOV and vFOV imply the aspect ratio to be tan(70deg/2) / tan(110deg/2) (=0.49). How come these don’t match up?

We calculate the FoV according to the formula reported in this support page: