ZED2 Captures depth sensing

Hello, I have a query regarding ZED2 depth captures. I have tried all depth modes and different configurations of ZED2. The best depth results I got on neural depth mode on varying conditions. Still, I faced some issues on some of the captures where there is some reflection of environmental lighting conditions on one of the corners of the box while if there was a reflection on the central part of the box, there was a good depth result. and, if there is no reflection then the best depth results are obtained. Is it because of stereo pair configurations of ZED2. Does environmental conditions affect the performance of ZED2 depth sensing?

I have attached all the snapshots for the reference.

Any suggestions or responses are welcome.


The computed depth is based on the RGB data. So although the ZED 2 and ZED SDK operate quite well, the depth will be affected by environmental conditions like reflections or very dark rooms.