Zed2 calibration much harder than ZedM


I’m passing along the following notes from my team’s production lead. For background, we use the ZedM in an underwater product, which requires recalibration using the Zed calibration process and an underwater-capable video monitor. We are expanding our product line, and a new product uses the Zed2 instead of the ZedM. However, we are running into difficulties calibrating Zed2 using the same process as ZedM – this is happening both in-air and in-water. Here’s what the production lead says:

It is significantly harder to calibrate a ZED 2 when compared to a ZED mini
The only successful calibration I have achieved are with a Dell XPS 17 laptop set at 4k resolution
It is still hard to complete the calibration, the further away steps are especially hard
I am unable to calibrate a ZED (even out of the box) with a 2K 24 inch monitor
When trying close in steps work OK, but further out steps are impossible
We would like any info regarding calibrating the ZED 2:
Is a small monitor required? (17 vs 24)
Is it related to screen resolution?
Any tips on SDK version or tricks?