ZED2 and boats detection

We have a ZED2 and Jetson-Nano setup next to the water here in Holland, but it doesn’t detect boats, only cars and persons. Do I need to change an specific setting for this?
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Hi @hj_vorsters
are you using the latest ZED SDK release?
If yes, have you enabled all the available classes and sub-classes of objects?
You can read more here:

To get a more detailed support you can also share a snippet of the code that you are using here with us.

Hi @Myzhar
this is my code(part of):
ObjectDetectionRuntimeParameters detection_parameters_rt(detection_confidence);

How do I enable a sub-class?

It is working now, I 've replaced the file .objects_1.3.model_optimized-bl-53-10020-8000-7103 in /usr/local/zed/resources/
Thank you

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