ZED X & ZED X Mini : Technical drawing error?


For information, there is a mistake in the datasheet of the ZED X on the position of the holes for screw at bottom of the camera. It is not 18mm from the center but something about 17,5mm.
In the 3d model, we have 17,5mm for the ZED but something strange in the 3d model of the ZED X Mini: two separate holes of 0.5mm. See linked images.

Fixation ZED X Mini datasheet

Hi @FelicienT
thank you for reporting the problem with the CAD files.
The correct distance is indeed 36 mm, not 35 mm.
We will replace the files with the correct version as soon as possible

I used the cotation of 36mm for a 3d printed support, based on the datasheet. And I was unable to put the screws.
After measurement, my ZED X has a cotation of 35mm.

In this case, you own one ZED X of the first batch with the original 35 mm distance.
We fixed this in the next batches to match the same configuration of the ZED 2/2i cameras that is 36 mm.

Ok thank you, I understand now. It is the same case for my ZED X Mini.

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