Zed X set AEC_AGC_ROI always return failure

Hi all,

Per the document, AEC_AGC_ROI is supported by Zed X, but it always returns failure when I use it. It works fine with zed 2i. Here is the sample code. SDK version is 4.0.8, jetson orin nx r35.3.1

import pyzed.sl as sl

# zed 2i
param1 = sl.InitParameters()
cam1 = sl.Camera(param1)
ret = cam1.open()
print(ret) # SUCCESS
ret = cam1.set_camera_settings_roi(sl.VIDEO_SETTINGS.AEC_AGC_ROI, sl.Rect(0,0,100,100))
print(ret) # SUCCESS
# zed x
param2 = sl.InitParameters()
cam2 = sl.Camera(param2)
ret = cam2.open()
print(ret) # SUCCESS
ret = cam2.set_camera_settings_roi(sl.VIDEO_SETTINGS.AEC_AGC_ROI, sl.Rect(0,0,100,100))
print(ret) # FAILURE

Hi @originlake,

Could you run the camera control sample: Camera Control Sample

And see if the ROI returns an error for all boxes? I would suggest trying bigger ROI sizes with the ZED X.

Thanks for the help, you are right, large ROI size works. Do you have an idea of the exact limitation? It seems it will work with the box sides larger than 250~300 pixels. I’m trying to set a limit for user input.

The minimum size required for ROI for ZED X is (256, 256) in width and height.

Thank you for reporting this to us, we can add this to our documentation to improve the usage of the SDK.