ZED X One transmission time

I’m using a ZED box 16gb with an X One. I’ve measured the frame transmission time from sensor to when the frame is made available to the user by videoing a time display for the “capture time” and comparing that to the “reception time”. I’ve accomplished this in two ways, python+gstreamer and using the c++ API. I’m getting a minimum of 70ms, with a 30ms+ standard deviation.

This is overall too slow for my purposes. Is there any way to improve it? Has anyone else measured this?

Hi @brandonskyways
what’s the setting value for resolution and frame rate?

This has all been at 4k, 15fps. I’ll run my test again and see what numbers I get at 1080.

Probably the biggest problem I have is the deviation. I’m getting a variance of ~100ms. We need to know the PTS latency within 20ms. It does not need to be 20ms latency, but we need consistency in the measurements.

The FPS is your bottleneck. 15 FPS means a frame period of ~67 msec. The Jetson ISP has a delay of 2 to 3 frames. So a latency of ~70 msec is expected.
You can decrease the latency by raising the frame rate.

Thanks for the reply @Myzhar

It’s my understanding that the ZED X One doesn’t support anything above 15fps right now?

This is true for the ZED X One 4K.
We are working on improving this behavior for resolutions lower than 4K.