Zed x one, LED Light sometimes disapeared

When testing the traffic light detection with a ZED x one global shutter camera, I’ve noticed that the signal occasionally disappears. I believe the images we receive are not purely raw. Could there be any post-processing algorithm applied that might be causing the LED lights to disappear? If so, I would appreciate guidance on how to disable this feature. If no such post-processing is applied, could you suggest any resources or literature where I might find relevant information?

Hi @chungshs
if the traffic lights are based on LED technology it is possible that the LED frequency and the camera frame rate are not synchronized and the camera acquires the traffic light image when the PWM signal that drives the LEDs is in a low status (LED powered off).

This is a known problem that happens when you capture a LED light with a digital camera and it’s more evident when you use a CMOS Global Shutter sensor.

Oh that makes sense.
Thanks for kind explanation:)

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