ZED-X on other platforms (Google Coral Dev Board, Nvidia Jetson Nano)

Hi guys, do you know if the ZED-X is available on other platforms, such as the Google Coral Dev Board or a general Nvidia Jetson Nano? I’m mainly targeting low-cost devices.

Hi @kelwin
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I apologize for this, but Google Coral is not supported because the ZED SDK requires CUDA to run.
The NVIDIA Jetson Nano is CUDA-enabled, but it is not supported anyway because the ZED X driver requires NVIDIA Jetpack 5.x, and NVIDIA will never provide it for the old Jetson Nano model.

Hi @Myzhar, thanks for the quick reply. In that case, would the ZED-X work as a general stereo camera on such devices so we can work on the 3D reconstruction ourselves? So, without using the ZED SDK. Or we won’t be even able to use the camera without the NVIDIA Orin devices?

No, without a working driver for the GMSL2 capture card, you cannot use the ZED X.