ZED X Mini - can't read frame by opencv


I’m trying to calibrate the ZED X Mini camera underwater, with Jetson Orin NX, Jetpack 5.1.2.
Following How to Calibrate your ZED camera with OpenCV - Stereolabs, compiled the code to capture images, but it can’t read frame from ZED X Mini GMSL2 connection.
Please see the error in the picture.
Screenshot from 2023-12-13 20-32-32

Is there anyway to capture raw image for calibration other than OpenCV? Or how to fix the reading with OpenCV?
Thank you

Hi @linh.nguyen
you can use the code of the image capture tutorial:

  • replace sl.VIEW.LEFT with sl.VIEW.LEFT_UNRECTIFIED
  • add a new line to retrieve the right image:
    zed.retrieve_image(image_right, sl.VIEW.RIGHT_UNRECTIFIED)
  • use the write function to save the images