ZED X + Capture Card relaunch problem

My env:
-Jetson Orin AGX (Jetpack
-Capture Card (stereolabs-zedx_0.5.4-MAX96712-L4T35.2_arm64.deb)
-ZED X-mini
-SDK 4.0.5 (ZED_SDK_Tegra_L4T35.2_v4.0.5.zstd.run)

If I run the program once and exit it, Capture Card and ZED X-mini will not work when you run the next program.

When I run the sample code, it says it can’t run with the following error:
“Error Timeout: xxxx function openSocketConnection(), line 219
cannot create camera provider (xxx function createCameraProvider)

After “sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon”, run it again after about 10 seconds, it works.
Do I need to run a command every time I run the program and wait more than 10 seconds?

If you turn off “Depth Viewer” and run it again, it will stop state, and then it will work if you turn it off and then turn it on again.

Hi @sunguk
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This is normally not required as long as the application is correctly closed and the ZedCamera::close function is executed.

Can you explain this better?

Thank you for answer

I use the close function, it is re-executed.
However, when the program was forcefully terminated (for example, Ctrl+C in the command line), a relaunch problem occurred.

I didn’t have this problem when using the ZED 2i before…
When I start my code, is there any initialization code other than “sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon” ?

If you are killing the process from the terminal with ctrl+C then it is likely not shutting down the application correctly, and therefore not closing the camera.

This is correct. ZED X needs a well done closing operation, otherwise the GMSL2 daemon keeps the camera open and you must restart it to free the resources