Zed x camera open in jetson agx orin

“I am trying to use a ZED X camera on a Jetson Orin AGX DevKit. I have Jetpack version 5.0.2 installed, as well as the packages ‘stereolabs-zedx_0.5.4-MAX96712-L4T35.1_arm64.deb’ and ‘ZED_SDK_Tegra_L4T35.2_v4.0.6.zstd.run’. When I run the ZED_Diagnostic test, it reports that it cannot find the camera and gives the following errors:
(Argus) Error BadParameter: (propagating from src/eglstream/FrameConsumerImpl.cpp, function create(), line 44)
(Argus) Error BadParameter: (propagating from src/eglstream/FrameConsumerImpl.cpp, function initialize(), line 89)
I encountered these errors. When I use the ‘v4l2-ctl --list-devices’ command, I can see the ZED X camera is recognized under ‘vi-output, zedx 30-0018’. I request assistance.”


Thanks for reaching out to us.

Can you try to restart the argus and the drive by running the following commands ?

sudo systemctl restart nvargus-daemon.service
sudo systemctl restart zed_x_daemon.service

Best regards,
Benjamin Vallon

Stereolabs Support

Actually I just realized that you are using the wrong ZED SDK version.
You need to use the 35.1, not 35.2.


You need to install the ZED SDK L4T35.1 not 35.2.

Can you also run the following command and send us the result please?

sudo dmesg | grep zedx

Stereolabs Support