ZED X camera first opening problem

When I first turn on the ZED X camera, there is a problem with the image coming through ZED Explorer. I will share it as a photo. Then, after changing the fps of the camera, the problem persists in the first builds. How to fix?

As you can see here it looks like it has a yellow filter. As I said, after changing the fps from 60 to 30 and then from 30 to 60, the filter in the image is corrected.

Hi @emrekocdemir,

It’s possible that the white balance parameters are not correctly loaded when opening the camera with ZED_Explorer.
As you said changing the parameters such as fps or resolution should force the parameters to set correctly. You can also reset the default parameters of the camera in ZED_Explorer in Settings > Camera and click on the “Default values” button.

Has this happened only when using ZED_Explorer or are you able to reproduce in a C++ or Python application?

It has not happened in python applications just ZED_Explorer