ZED video analysis on a different PC not connected to the camera

Hello StereoLabs Community.

I’ve recently started working on a project in my University in which we would want to use a ZED Camera (first model), so apologies for the question and my lack of knowledge.

Our ZED Camera is connected to a laptop in our department, however we would want to work on the footage at home with other computers, which of course are not connected to it.
CUDA, ZED SDK and original calibration file (downloaded as advised by Download Calibration File and placed in the correct folder) are all set up. Nevertheless, ZED Depth Viewer will not let me play the videos saying “Calibration file found but it is corrupted. Download you factory calibration file from calib.s […]”.
I tried both xxxx and 0000xxxx as S/N but they don’t make any difference.

I am therefore left wondering what I’m missing. Is it possible to process .svo files on different computers? Do I need to import other files from the main laptop? Are there any suggestions on how to improve the experience and being able to work remotely?

Thanks for the attention


You should be able to open the SVO file on your computer without issues or any manual steps, could you upload here your calibration file?

Here’s the file: 761 byte file on MEGA
Unfortunately I couldn’t upload it to the thread because I’m still a new user.

I can indeed open the file through the explorer, but not through the depth viewer.

Ok I see, this ZED is quite old. The factory calibration was updated a while ago to have much more precise calibration and older calibration files are no longer accepted with recent SDK.

You would need to recalibrate the camera using the ZED Calibration tool, then use the generated calibration file on your PC. More details here How do I recalibrate my ZED stereo camera? – Help Center | Stereolabs

Thanks for the reply! We will recalibrate manually and see if we need anything else