ZED_Tutorial_8.exe 与C++

0x00007FFC3DE24FD9 处(位于 ZED_Tutorial_8.exe 中)有未经处理的异常: Microsoft C++ 异常: std::length_error,位于内存位置 0x0000006E7490F170 处。

Hi @lt613
please provide more information about this problem, starting from the configuration of your system.

windows 10 专业版 ,vs2022, zed SDk3.7

@lt613 have you modified the source code of the tutorial?


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@lt613 please use the English language on the Forum, so the messages are accessible for everyone.

Regarding your problem, please write an email to support@stereolabs.com adding the report file generated by the ZED Diagnostic tool as an attachment.

try to put GLEW library GLEW: The OpenGL Extension Wrangler Library

also try to make sure that your Cmake configuration all correct

mine got working fine

here is my Cmake

mine is not work yet,
thanks for your sharing

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