ZED Streaming CPP example not working


I am trying to get the streaming example working but the receiver keeps failing.
Sender is running with ZED 2i and ZED Box (Ubuntu 20.04). Sender is ran via ZED Box terminal. I am running the receiver on a laptop that meets required settings to run other ZED examples, and using VS 2022 to run receiver. When I try to run the receiver example I give the same IP as sender (30000) and then a pop up window appears titled ‘Camera Remote Control’ however the window is greyed out. After some time this fails with the following error: Camera Open | FAILURE: The function does not perform as expected. Any ideas as to what may be causing this problem?

EDIT: I am able to ping both machines, have ensured that port numbers are correct. Still not working. I get no errors on sender side only receiver. Here is the more verbose error message:

[Streaming] Warning: Failed to retrieve camera settings from sender
[Streaming] Error: Stream Opening returned TIMEOUT (350)
[Sample][Error] Camera Open | FAILURE : The function does not perform as expected. Exit program.

EDIT 2: Got everything resolved. It ended up being a faulty network cable. Switched that out and got everything working! Leaving this up incase anyone else runs into a similar issue but feel free to remove if you’d like!


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