Zed streamer usage

Hi Stereolab,

I am using ONE zedx camera with jetson AGX Orin. I am trying to use gstreamer to stream the video, I have followed the tutorial for installing the zed-gstreamer and there are lots of launch commands. I plan to receive the streamin gin a desktop, with gstreamer, is there any example for the receiving terminal in desktop? Shall I install zed-sdk and zed-gstreamer locally on the desktop or I can directly use gstreamer cmds to receive and display the streaming? By the way, is there anyway I can stream the video to multiple desktops or receivers?

Jiahe Xu

Hi @Jiahe
please refer to the ZED GStreamer documentation for detailed information:

Hi Myzhar, thanks for replying!!! Is there any way I can customize the streaming resolution? I am working on a multi-robot system, and the bandwidth of the radio is limited. Ideally, we only need pictures of 200*100 resolution, is there any way to set the resolution of streaming?

You can use GStreamer elements to create your custom pipelines.
The videoscale element is what you need.