ZED setup for UAV

I need setup for drone navigation in outdoor environment. How ZED SDK tools performs in outdoor - fields and forests? Mision is UAV flying 20-50m above ground, I need position localization without GPS, how ZED tools perform in this environment. What lens to choose for an outdoor environment 2.2mm or 4mm for ZED X?

Hi @craztnemo
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I recommend the ZED X Mini camera to be used on a drone. The global shutter CMOS sensors will allow you to obtain clear information even if the camera is affected by vibrations.
If you do not need long depth range, it’s preferable to use the 2.1 mm optics to have a wider field of view and then more visual features to be used for Positional Tracking.
I recommend selecting the polarizer filter to reduce the amount of flares and glares effects caused by the sunlight.

Thanks for the quick answer,
I see that ZED X mini with 8.8 has a depth perception only 8m so the standard version with 20m will be probably better for my use, and 100g more for the standard version is not a dealbreaker for my UAV.

What will be the best camera orientation for localization purposes ? Strait down, straight front, 45degges down? This is important for me if I need more cameras or only one is ok for me?


Flying at 20-50 m requires the camera to look downside to get the only available visual features to be tracked.

Thanks for the hints, what accuracy I could expect from localization? If UAV fly at 5m/s for 5 minutes total distance will be 1500m, What I can expect to be the difference for localization from gourd truth 20m, 100m, or more? Thanks for help

@craztnemo unfortunately we do not have enough data acquired on the field for this type of application to provide valid expected values.