ZED SDK v4.1.1 is out!

The ZED SDK patch v4.1.1 is available for downloading.



  • Upgraded the ZED Media Server with improved support for ZED X One 4K as stereo pairs.
  • Improved USB reliability on Linux platforms.

Bug fixes

  • Enhanced the reliability of ZED SDK streaming features, addressing issues where CAMERA_NOT_INITIALIZED errors occurred randomly.
  • Corrected GNSS_RTK_FIX reporting errors that incorrectly displayed GNSS DATA NEED FIX.
  • Fixed bad GNSS heading value.
  • Fixed positional tracking gen2 potential random behavior after it relocates.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when reading a corrupted H264/H265 SVO2 on Jetson
  • Fixed a crash when reading/writing unsupported SVO files on Jetson Nano. The enableRecording function now returns an ERROR_CODE due to the absence of a hardware encoder on this platform. A software fallback will be introduced in a future release.
  • Fixed SVO2 recording issues related to image-based compression or lossless H26X.


  • Resolved issues in Python GNSS samples.


  • Fixed SVO recording with ZEDFu.

@Prospecto please create a new thread for specific issues.