ZED SDK v4.0.3 is out!

The ZED SDK v4.0.3 EA is out, you can download it here.

4.0.3 EA


  • Added GMSL support for Nvidia Jetson Jetpack 35.3.
  • Fixed new ZED mini rectification that could lead to an image artifact.
  • Improved body fitting for BODY_FORMAT 38/70, it is now smoother and avoids the model being stuck in a non-usual position.
  • Reduced body jittering when standing still.
  • Improved Object Detection accuracy.
  • Improved AI overall loading time.


  • Fixed ZED Diagnostic CUDA 12 report issue.


  • Fixed Python custom detection sample.


  • Updated Matlab wrapper to support SDK 4.X

Does this include improvements to the Neural depth model loading time? If so any statistics on how much faster?