ZED SDK v3.8.2 is out!

ZED SDK v3.8.2

Download it here.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Python installation script on Windows, the pyzed whl package URL was incorrectly generated
  • Fixed incorrect reporting of ZED Diagnostic tool ‘person reid association’ optimized model status
  • Fixed performance regression within the object detection module.
  • Fixed object detection module random crash that could happen after a long runtime.
  • Fixed incorrect error code returned in case of camera disconnection.
  • Fixed a memory leak occurring during SVO recording.
  • Fixed RetrieveImage regression with a custom resolution as parameters.
  • Fixed CUDA error when using HD2K resolution in body tracking sample.
  • Fixed CUDA error occurring when using the combo parameters enable_right_side_measure + SENSING_MODE::FILL on Jetson.
  • Fixed random image freeze that can occur after a long runtime.
  • Fixed CUDA installation process on Ubuntu Desktop

Known issue

  • Maxwell and Kepler GPUs (compute capabilities 35, 50, and 52) are not supported using CUDA 11.X, only with CUDA 10.2
  • Windows installers are not signed due to certificate expiry, this should be resolved for the next releases

@Myzhar Can you please give some more detail on what you mean by

  • Fixed a memory leak occurring during SVO recording.

we are still suffering from the same memory leak on our Jetson NX devices shown here.

The team checked the issue and eliminated all the sources of memory leaks caused by the SDK.
Please write an email to support@stereolabs.com adding updated details, maybe there’s something more to be checked.