ZED SDK v3.7.5 is out!

Today we released the ZED SDK v3.7.5 with support for Ubuntu 22.04 and CUDA 11.7.


  • Added support for Ubuntu 22.04
  • Added support for CUDA up to 11.7


  • Increased PERSON_HEAD_BOX models inference speed by up to 50% while slightly improving accuracy, especially in the far range
  • Increased MULTI_CLASS models accuracy by ~2% while also improving inference speed, by up to 5%
  • Improved Positional Tracking accuracy when using Visual Inertial Fusion
  • Reduced GPU memory footprint of the SDK, up-to 300Mo

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed platform detection issue in the python installer script for L4T 34.X
  • Fixed symbol export for windows python installer


  • Added stream support for DepthViewer
  • Added camera settings control support for DepthViewer