ZED SDK v3.7.4 is out!

The new ZED SDK patch version 3.7.4 includes also the enhancements introduced with the v3.7.3 released a few days ago:


Security Fixes

  • Fixed security issue on Linux: the installed udev rules, to open the IMU without root access, were incorrect and could allow privilege escalation.


  • Removed warning verbose of deprecated functions during compilation



  • Added AI model download and optimization progress bars

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed possible crash in Reid model optimization
  • Fixed spatial mapping invalid behavior when using multiple camera simultaneously
  • Fixed Custom object detector random infinite loops
  • Fixed self-calibration undeterministic behavior when reading the same SVO multiple times.


  • Fixed regression ZED Explorer streaming input


  • Added support for YOLOv5 v6 in the custom detector cpp sample
  • Improved sample cmakes



  • Improved numpy conversion in get_data() function by removing the deep copy by default (up to 30% faster samples)
  • Fixed missing timestamp attribute for Mat class

Download page: ZED SDK 3.7 - Download | Stereolabs