ZED SDK v3.6.4 is out!

What’s New


ZED SDK 3.6 introduces a major improvement in the Object detection module, custom detector inputs can be ingested into the SDK to have 3D detection and tracking from 2D bounding box. A new model that detects the person heads for improve accuracy in crowded environments. It now also supports ZED2/2i and ZED Mini.

This release adds support for the newer CUDA 11 minor versions, the CUDA 11 installer can be used for all CUDA 11 versions: 11.0(*), 11.1, 11.2, 11.3, 11.4, 11.5 (from 3.6.2). TensorRT library for the AI module has been updated to 8, the ReID feature is now supported for all platforms. JetPack 4.6 is now supported. Python 3.9 and 3.10 are now supported (from 3.6.3)

Finally, It also adds a new skeleton format, allowing the user to get the local keypoint orientation and position (relative to its parent’s coordinate frame) when body fitting is enabled. This is useful to simplify avatar animation using software like Unity or Unreal for example.



  • Improved ZED, ZED Mini, and ZED2i connection stability on Linux by adding USB autosuspend udev rules

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the installation process of CUDA in the Linux installer for CUDA 11
  • Fixed a crash when using corrupted SVOs as input

Hey I am trying to use the latest docker image for 3.6 and it complains that it is looking for cuda 11.5 when cuda 11.4 is installed (as the tag suggests). Any help would be appreciated.