ZED SDK Object detection not detecting people


I’ve been using the default ZED SDK Person object detection for a while now. And just recently, I started having problems with the detection itself. Sometimes, when I start the program and stand in front of the camera, nothing/nobody is detected (object_list is empty), and no errors occur.

When I restart the program, it usually runs fine afterward, but later in the day, it happens again. I think it’s happening randomly, and there isn’t anything specific that causes it. Whether the detection works or not is determined during the program’s start. It never happened that it stopped working/fixed itself during the program run. It always had to be restarted to fix the issue and once it works, it works the whole program run.

I have been getting some MOTION SENSORS REQUIRED errors too, but they’re not so frequent. I wanted to ask if it may be some camera/HW issue since we recently switched vehicles, and these issues started popping up.

Thank you,

Hello @Gaba,

  • Do you get any logs in the console? You can enable the sdk_verbose InitParameter by setting it to 1, it may tell you where the SDK is stuck.

  • Can you provide a ZED_Diagnostic file, please? It will give us info on your system and SDK installation. Or alternatively, what is your SDK version and OS?