ZED sdk for ubuntu 22.04

I did not find the information.
Do you have a timeline to support ZED sdk on ubuntu 22.04 ?

Hi @vincentrou
we can start working on it as soon as Nvidia releases a version of CUDA, CUDNN, and TensorRT compatible with Ubuntu 22.04.
Meanwhile, you can use the ZED SDK under Ubuntu 22.04 in a Docker container based on Ubuntu 20.04.

But when I install ZED SDK on Ubuntu (by VMware), it doesn’t working. So have I to install Ubuntu with dual boot?

Hi @bao
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I have see some news on Cuda 22.04, any news about 22.04 compatibility? Thanks.

We are waiting for Nvidia to release CUDA, CUDNN, and TensorRT for Ubuntu 22.04.
All three libraries are required to compile and run all the modules of the ZED SDK.

Thanks, I’m not a long time user of Ubuntu, any idea about how many time they take to release this kind of functionality for each Ubuntu update ?

I use ZED only on jetson, but is little painfull to dev on jetson, and my desktop are in 22.04.

@PrivHate it’s not easy to know. For example, we waited for Nvidia to release Ubuntu 20.04 for Jetson for 2 years… they released it the last month when Ubuntu released 22.04…

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I managed to install Cuda 11.5 on this Ubuntu 22.04 but I get some issue with libc (pthread_mutex_lock) and libusb (libusb_get_device_list) when trying to run ZED_Diagnostic. Everything seems to work fine (SDK, CPU, GPU, AI) except when starting camera test.


Thanks for the update